Friday, July 25, 2008

Simple Technique to get other's user name and password

One of the most simplest technique which i often use is key logger.

These are the following steps you need to do with key logger :-

1. Download it from here. Want to download free key logger.

2. Install its setup to public libraries, cyber cafes, your friend computer or your office computer.

3. Hide it after mentioning your email id into this software.

4. Check your email, you start getting user name and password of everybody who use that computer. And their is very basic thing about user name and password. People often have same password for all the services they used.


Anonymous said...

What we have to do when we don't have physical access to a target computer ?

mithilesh said...

is their any other way than using key logger to get others username&id password

praphul said...

hey i m very curious about hacking techniques and thanks for e books and tips, plz send me hacking tips.

Anonymous said...

nee peria hacking pundaiai? koodi vexpanadha..bull adichitu ukaru

Latha said...

Its nice thanks for the sharing information :-)

Anonymous said...

To plant the keylogger to a PC you do not have access to you can do the following :

Upload it WITH another program somewhere, and hide the keylogger in hidden files at data folders of the program/game.

For example:

I send my friend Skype, I first download skype myself, open the folders, plant the keylogger in one of the folders, send skype to target.

He will not know.

Anonymous said...

Dude, i download the keylogger but i cant set my SMTP thingi for the mail delivery... any help there?? and how do you upload it with another program?? im guessing if you only upload the set up, the stuff wont work unless that person install it right?? help me out there man. Thank you